Data Decode


An oscilloscope feature, this displays both the electrical properties of a signal as well as the data encoded within the signal.


  • Quickly navigating and searching through very long signals
  • Flexible configuration without excessive setup or clutter
  • Understanding how engineers create homegrown tweaks to data transmission standards

My Contributions

  • User needs research
  • Usability tests: planned, conducted, analyzed results
  • Designed mock-ups and prototypes
  • Invented new control for data input

Raw signal (yellow) is displayed alongside the decoded signal (purple).

Data can also be viewed in a table.

The table navigates through long data streams: Selecting a data packet in the table displays the corresponding area of the raw signal.

Search lets the engineer find events in a large data set.

Data input control lets user fluidly input in hex or binary. Other products make the user choose a mode, often on another screen.