Engineers viewing electrical signals often want to filter a signal (making it less fuzzy), but filtering hides potentially-important glitches. I was UX lead for an oscilloscope that introduced a new way of viewing signals, FilterVu, that overlays two signals: one filtered and one unfiltered.


  • Explaining an entirely new concept through minimal text and graphics.
  • Creating a simple interaction on top of complicated behaviours under the hood.

My Contributions

  • UX lead. Collaborated with software, hardware, and marketing.
  • Prototyped interactions, from low to high fidelity.
  • Defined how this feature interacts with all the other features in the oscilloscope.

With FilterVu off, the signal appears like it would on traditional oscilloscopes.

Enabling FilterVu draws the unfiltered (background) waveform in a different hue, to distinguish it.

As the engineer increases the filter frequency, the filtered (foreground) waveform is cleaned up, enabling better measurements